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Allergic rhinitis is prevalent across the globe. It is estimated that nearly 10–20% of the global population suffers from the disease. In the US, the disease reportedly affects up to 60 million people annually, with self-reported rates at 10–30% in adults and 40% in children. In addition, the US reports annual direct health expenditures range of between $2 and 5 billion. Allergic rhinitis negatively affects the quality of life and results in reduced work productivity, thus is considered a serious threat to the way of life globally.

According to Chinese medicine, allergy is mostly due to the coldness invaded in your body, mainly in lung system. Therefore, when spring season comes, Yang energy is going up and out, and body tries to dispel the coldness outside. Sneezing and running nose are considered part of body’s self defense. Using needle or herb to help body boost yang qi and dispel the coldness, can therefore effectively treat allergy.

Our acupuncture clinic is specialized acupuncture for allergy in New York.

PS: San Fu treatments 

(Thanks for Dr. Mona Lee-Yuan,MS,L.Ac,OM,PT. New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

San Fu treatments are used to “treat winter time diseases during the Summer”. San fu Tian will begin on July 16, 2022. 

Here is a brief explanation of this very special treatment method

Tian Jiu uses herbal mixtures which are grounded into paste (moxibustion patch) and applied on certain acupoints or affected areas. In TCM terminology, this effect  “dredges the meridians”, “invigorate qi and increases blood flow”, “regulates the function of organs” and “balance Yin and Yang” to increase the body’s immune system. Tian Jiu is an effective therapy to treat many allergy symptoms and chronic diseases. 

Since the purpose of Tian Jiu is to invigorate vital energy, “qi”, to enhance cold resistance of the body, this treatment is performed during the three hottest days of the year according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. These three days are called “San Fu” days,  which means “3 applications”.  In other words, Tian Jiu is performed three times every year, and sometimes depending on the calendar, there is an extra Metal or Geng day, which this year has. To achieve the best therapeutic result, three times a year for a consecutive three years is recommended. 

San Fu dates are calculated using the Earthly Branches and Heavenly Stems system in the Daoist Calendar. You’re going to need a Chinese Almanac, a list of the 24 solar terms for the year, and a western calendar to calculate the conversion. 

San Fu dates are the yang metal days (庚 geng) that occur after the summer solstice and are 10 days apart.

· For this year, start by finding the date for the summer solstice (2022 = June 21st).

· The initial fu begins on the third 庚 geng day after the summer solstice (2022 = (1) June 26th, (2) July 6th, (3) July 16th)

· The middle fu begins ten days later on the fourth 庚 geng day after the summer solstice (2022 = July 26th). 

· Look up the solar date for “Lì Qiū / 立秋 / Autumn Begins” (2022 = August 7th).

· The final fu is the first 庚 geng day after “Lì Qiū / 立秋 / Autumn Begins” (2022 = August 15th) 

Every year is a little different, but there is often an extra 庚 geng day between the middle and last Fu days. Some years we’ll get three San Fu days, and some years we’ll get four. This year, 2022, we get an extra 庚 geng day on August 5th. If we’re lucky enough to get that extra day, the timing between all 4 dates is 10 days apart. But if we land on a year where that extra 庚 geng day doesn’t exist the timing between the middle and last San Fu day is 20 days long rather than ten.